Monday, November 30, 2009

Biig Siis

when i first opened my eyes i opened them to your pretty face, by that point, i new that you were my sister. you were there for me every second of my life, even when we were in fights. you helped me walk, talk, dress, go potty, you helped me through life. thats what every sister is supposed to do, but this way was different, better. when i turned about 4 i started to understand your life, and how hard it gets, then i compared it to mine, fuck i felt bad. i started to realize  we were best friends, i started to know that you were one of those sisters that will be there till the very end. we can grow old together. all our memories make me cry, i feel so happy when im around you, i feel so cool when im around you, i feel so guilty when you let me come to town with you, because i know that inside you really dont want me to come, but you let me, because you know thats what every sister wants. you've helped me so much, your just not like a regular sister, your a sister that can stretch both ways, as a best friend or a sister. i should be very lucky, but im not very lucky, im more lucky t have you as a sister than you can ever imagine. i love you Hollie Drew with all my heart, and im not planning on losing you. xx

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Now the Pain Brings in.

I know lifes confusing, but this isnt the same as life, this is relation ship. we went out on the first day of school for about 3 weeks, i dumped you, then you kept begging me to get back with you, i still thought about it. So you moved on, and you went out with this girl, and broke her heart. after that you moved on, the next girl was so sensitive, and i had to brake her heart for you. one night i rung you up to have a chat, and we had another chat the next day, and the next, and the next, by that last ring, you said you liked me, i said i liked you, and we had a moment there, until you said you liked another girl aswell, the feeling was gone. the next day when i asked you who you went out with, you said "________", my mouth dropped. one day you dump a girl one day you like a girl, one day you go out with a different girl, the next day its all over, and it happen all again, you go out with a different girl, straight after you dump the girl before. in your life, its all about girls, girls, girls, and in a girls life, its all about, boys, boys, boys. its tricky. but i have feelings for you, i never thought that liking 1 guy for about 1 year was so hard, but ive lived through it. thats right i said it, ive liked you for 1 year, no jokes. so one question. who the fuck do you like?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank you H'

that text that you txt me, just hit my stomach with butterflies, as soon as you said "i kinda like you", that was it for me, it was my chance to say that i liked you too. so i did, it came out so confident, it felt so alive, until that day when you said you didn't like me anymore, those words just disappeared, i could never see them again, and that was my one in a life time chance for you liking me, i was thinking to myself 'oh my gosh, i cant believe he likes me, thats just impossible'. it broke me SO much when you said sorry', it broke me into a 101 pieces, and that last one piece, was a happy one, when you said to me that i was beautiful, the word beautiful dosent come out of guys that much, but this one time was so special, thats exactly what every girl wants to hear come out of a guys mouth. its touch that sensitive spot in a girls heart, and sits there for the rest of that girls life, until someone say's there ugly, they think back to that time when that one special guy said that she was beautiful, and it makes them happy again, and that will make you feel like a great guy having to help a girl out with just one word. so thankyou so much H'. i guess your a great guy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love my daddy!

When my mum gets angry, and shitty. all i do is txt my dad, and ask to live with him. i would do "anything", absolutely anything!, i would give up 1 years birthday to live with my dad for at least a year. i would give up everything i haave to live with my dad. i miss him every second of the day and night, im missing him right now, i missing him while your reading this. i just miss him so much. if he died, i would die to. i dont care what anything says. i WILL kill my self, just to be with my dad. 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rockets in The Skys

Life's Hard

I wake up at 6:45am to no mum, making me breakfast, like every other mum does. i go to school, with no kiss from my mum, like every other mum does. i come back home with no hug or kiss from mum, like every other mum does. i come back from a friends, and she already yelling 5 minutes after i walk in the door. i wake up every weekend, with no mum around sitting with me, talking to me, chilling with me, all i have is a mum that gets drunk all the time. she only started smoking recently. she just broke up with her boy friend. she struggling so much with money. sometimes she cry's her self to sleep. she nearly had to quit her job. she's shutting down her work at home. she has to go to court twice money wise. but that's probably the same with us. She wakes up feeling sick, she wakes up to selfish kids that don't help her often, she wakes up to heathly kids, that can't be bothered tiding up after them selves. she has to buy us things that we dont need just want. thats how much she loves us, she actually can be bothered in the mornings to get up to those type of kids. she helps us, she comforts us. we all just think differently. but we love our precious mum. and she's the best mum ever, you can't get a better mum than her. mum i love you, so does hollie. we just get sick of your yelling, thats all. :)

12 Bricks

12 Bricks. We're doing quite well. i absolutely love coming to your house, its so fun and my lil babey Jade. aww, i love her. i would call you a good friend, but this time im gonna call you "My Best Friend", forever and now. next is the world together. if you were here with me right now, i would hud you so tight!  i love you babe!, carnt wait til we older, go to parties:D

My Sisters Best Friend

Your like my sister. i love yah. im just speechless, i dont know what to say, but your the bestest sister EVER!! (probably better than hollie) hah jokes! ahha

Who Am I?

I used to like you, just to let you know. but i dont now. we're best friends, you love me i love you, we have the random times, your really shy when i say hi to you. we've hugged, haven't kissed, your good matez with my brother jaimee. and your cool as.  Who Am I??  xx love you!


We had this thing going for us, the first time you saw me, you looked amazed! ahah, i started laughing. but, that was also the first i saw you too, and inside i was amazed to, but i didn't want to look to keen, because i had a boyfriend:). so thank you for all you've done to make me happy, maybe one day we can hang out:) xx love yah


the txts you gave me, were so cute. i would of never thought, you liking me. for me, it was a dream. id never think a person like you, would like a person like me. i was hysterical. we're still best friends, and we'll never say good bye!. xx love you

Used to Be

She used to be my best friend?, but its gone, it just flowed away like water. she was the best thing that happened to me. we did great together, until i got annoying and clingy. i didn't mean to i just really liked her as a friend, and id never had one like her before. i went well with her brother, i went well with her dad. until it came to that point, we didn't connect. but thats alright now. we're friends, she doesn't hate me (hope not), and i dont hate her at all. my love, your great. and i hope soon, we can become bf's again.

That Guy

That guy is great, but he had to go, i had to let him go. he thinks im lying. he thinks i never liked him. But i did, i really liked him. i told all my friends how much i liked him. everyone said "he's annoying", "eeeew", "he's gay". and shit like that. i felt like punching them in the face. i really liked that Guy. i would love to star at his eyes one more time, every time i looked at them i would fall in love just alot more. . i would do anything to win back a star of those eyes.

Hate is a strong Word

Hate is a very strong word to some people, but not for me. i always use the word hate. i hate the word hate, and i hate fake friends, i hate people that judge from looks, i hate "hate".

That one Best Friend

on the first day of school i saw this girl. i was instantly jealous from her prettiness, funniness, kindness. I knew that i didn't have some of those stuff that she has. all through year 7, i would see her play in the playground, playing with all her friends, wishing that i was one of those friends. at the end of year 7 when the teachers were calling out the names for who's in which class, i heard her name on the list that my name was on. i got so excited for the new year to start, so i could see that pretty face of hers. on the first day of year 8, i was standing with my friend, talking to her about that one perfect girl, that was sitting across the other end of the room. at that very moment, i suddenly had the guts to go say "hi", so i said hi, i was actually waiting for a "hi" and then walk away. but i got a "hi, what's your name?", and a conversation right behind that. from that point on we became the bestest of friends, followed by a whiff of happiness. :), now that one perfect girl, has grown into That one Best friend, that I'll always have in the heart, and never anything to replace her, as my perfect Best Friend. xx i love you. never go away from me.