Monday, November 30, 2009

Biig Siis

when i first opened my eyes i opened them to your pretty face, by that point, i new that you were my sister. you were there for me every second of my life, even when we were in fights. you helped me walk, talk, dress, go potty, you helped me through life. thats what every sister is supposed to do, but this way was different, better. when i turned about 4 i started to understand your life, and how hard it gets, then i compared it to mine, fuck i felt bad. i started to realize  we were best friends, i started to know that you were one of those sisters that will be there till the very end. we can grow old together. all our memories make me cry, i feel so happy when im around you, i feel so cool when im around you, i feel so guilty when you let me come to town with you, because i know that inside you really dont want me to come, but you let me, because you know thats what every sister wants. you've helped me so much, your just not like a regular sister, your a sister that can stretch both ways, as a best friend or a sister. i should be very lucky, but im not very lucky, im more lucky t have you as a sister than you can ever imagine. i love you Hollie Drew with all my heart, and im not planning on losing you. xx

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