Sunday, November 8, 2009

That one Best Friend

on the first day of school i saw this girl. i was instantly jealous from her prettiness, funniness, kindness. I knew that i didn't have some of those stuff that she has. all through year 7, i would see her play in the playground, playing with all her friends, wishing that i was one of those friends. at the end of year 7 when the teachers were calling out the names for who's in which class, i heard her name on the list that my name was on. i got so excited for the new year to start, so i could see that pretty face of hers. on the first day of year 8, i was standing with my friend, talking to her about that one perfect girl, that was sitting across the other end of the room. at that very moment, i suddenly had the guts to go say "hi", so i said hi, i was actually waiting for a "hi" and then walk away. but i got a "hi, what's your name?", and a conversation right behind that. from that point on we became the bestest of friends, followed by a whiff of happiness. :), now that one perfect girl, has grown into That one Best friend, that I'll always have in the heart, and never anything to replace her, as my perfect Best Friend. xx i love you. never go away from me.

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