Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank you H'

that text that you txt me, just hit my stomach with butterflies, as soon as you said "i kinda like you", that was it for me, it was my chance to say that i liked you too. so i did, it came out so confident, it felt so alive, until that day when you said you didn't like me anymore, those words just disappeared, i could never see them again, and that was my one in a life time chance for you liking me, i was thinking to myself 'oh my gosh, i cant believe he likes me, thats just impossible'. it broke me SO much when you said sorry', it broke me into a 101 pieces, and that last one piece, was a happy one, when you said to me that i was beautiful, the word beautiful dosent come out of guys that much, but this one time was so special, thats exactly what every girl wants to hear come out of a guys mouth. its touch that sensitive spot in a girls heart, and sits there for the rest of that girls life, until someone say's there ugly, they think back to that time when that one special guy said that she was beautiful, and it makes them happy again, and that will make you feel like a great guy having to help a girl out with just one word. so thankyou so much H'. i guess your a great guy.

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  1. I miss him, but ive moved on now to someone different,