Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life's Hard

I wake up at 6:45am to no mum, making me breakfast, like every other mum does. i go to school, with no kiss from my mum, like every other mum does. i come back home with no hug or kiss from mum, like every other mum does. i come back from a friends, and she already yelling 5 minutes after i walk in the door. i wake up every weekend, with no mum around sitting with me, talking to me, chilling with me, all i have is a mum that gets drunk all the time. she only started smoking recently. she just broke up with her boy friend. she struggling so much with money. sometimes she cry's her self to sleep. she nearly had to quit her job. she's shutting down her work at home. she has to go to court twice money wise. but that's probably the same with us. She wakes up feeling sick, she wakes up to selfish kids that don't help her often, she wakes up to heathly kids, that can't be bothered tiding up after them selves. she has to buy us things that we dont need just want. thats how much she loves us, she actually can be bothered in the mornings to get up to those type of kids. she helps us, she comforts us. we all just think differently. but we love our precious mum. and she's the best mum ever, you can't get a better mum than her. mum i love you, so does hollie. we just get sick of your yelling, thats all. :)

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