Sunday, November 29, 2009

Now the Pain Brings in.

I know lifes confusing, but this isnt the same as life, this is relation ship. we went out on the first day of school for about 3 weeks, i dumped you, then you kept begging me to get back with you, i still thought about it. So you moved on, and you went out with this girl, and broke her heart. after that you moved on, the next girl was so sensitive, and i had to brake her heart for you. one night i rung you up to have a chat, and we had another chat the next day, and the next, and the next, by that last ring, you said you liked me, i said i liked you, and we had a moment there, until you said you liked another girl aswell, the feeling was gone. the next day when i asked you who you went out with, you said "________", my mouth dropped. one day you dump a girl one day you like a girl, one day you go out with a different girl, the next day its all over, and it happen all again, you go out with a different girl, straight after you dump the girl before. in your life, its all about girls, girls, girls, and in a girls life, its all about, boys, boys, boys. its tricky. but i have feelings for you, i never thought that liking 1 guy for about 1 year was so hard, but ive lived through it. thats right i said it, ive liked you for 1 year, no jokes. so one question. who the fuck do you like?

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